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Queen & Pharaoh CBD Massage Oil

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DESCRIPTION: Our massage oil is a high concentration CBD formula with a beautiful fragrance of lavender. Our formula is designed to help soothe and provide that serene feeling of comfort and relaxation.

CBD is known to have pain relieving and relaxing qualities…perfect for a sensual massage. Use liberally and work into the skin all over the body. Avoid contact with eyes.

INGREDIENTS:Sweet Almond Oil, Sesame Oil, Certified Organic, Essential Lavender and Lavandin, Cannabidiol (CBD)Rich Hemp Extract

Sensual Touch for Rejuvenation

“Touch and feel your bodies”

We simply ask you to spray some oils on your hands and slowly spread it all over yours or your lovers body and rub it gently and deeply into your skin. We think you will fell the benefits our oils as it penetrates and helps to relax and rejuvenate. We know the gods have steered us right. Enjoy solo or with friends and lovers-there is nothing better that giving or being the recipient of a sensual massage using only the best massage oil that the gods have given us.

To feel and touch-it is a gift from the gods to you”- Isis

Our Book of spells will guide our fellow travelers as they explore their senses.

Enjoy our delicious delta-8 gummies and vapes with our intimacy oils for a heightened full body experience!

The Gods Ingredients?

“Why we have given you this!"

It is Important to rejuvenate and relax. As the gods so taught us about rebirth and rejuvenation, we too must learn to use our infused oils for all they have to give. Our Queen & Pharaoh Massage Oil has a higher concentration of CBD and is mixed with organic natural botanicals to help it’s absorption into the skin without interfering with its effectiveness. Again the gods gave us a formation that is simple, highly concentrated with CBD, and complimentary botanicals to give you what we consider one of the best CBD massage oils on the market.:

CBD has become much more is well known to many but as a reminder- CBD has been shown to have benefits that may have:

Potential to
reduce pain
Potential Reduce
Potential to
Reduce nausea
Potential for improving
cognitive function


The Endocannabinoid system contains of two receptors, called CB1 and CB2. these receptors are found on cell surfaces and impact various biological processes.


Located in the brain, central nervous system, and many other parts of the body.


Found throughout the body on cells associated with our immune system.

CBD interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors for many effects still being studied.


Receptors target:

Motor activity | Thinking | Motor co-ordination Appetite | Short term memory | Pain perception | Immune cells


Receptors are much broader than CB1 and influence most of the body

Gut | Kidneys | Pancreas | Adipose tissue | Skeletal muscle | Bone | Eye | Tumours | Reproductive system | Immune system | Respiratory tract Skin | CNS | Cardiovascular system | Liver

The Queen & Pharaoh Standard

“What you shall use!”-Quality and Ingredients”

Using only the purest CBD extracted US grown Hemp, we have added sweet almond oil, sesame oil and organic lavender to produce a highly concentrated CBD massage oil that will help you massage out all the days stress, and bring you a deep level of will be ready for all the good things that come next...

  • Strong Concentration: CBD derived from US grown hemp-with 500mg per 60ml bottle
  • Simple formulation-Not full of fillers or unnecessary ingredients…just a simple formula designed with complimentary botanicals.
  • Always third party tested to ensure quality of the highest order

Our Book of spells will help guide our fellow travelers as they explore their senses. See Spell #3 for some ideas on using our Queen and Pharaoh Massage Oil.


Whether giving it to yourself or your partner, a massage is a great way to promote intimacy and connection.

Suggested Use: Use 4-6 sprays to your hands and then massage directly into the skin, You can also spay or pour directly anywhere on the body you are looking to massage. Once applied begin massaging gently into the skin for a deep relaxing massage.
Avoid contact with eyes. If any allergic reactions occur discontinue use
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