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Queen & Pharaoh CBD Arousal Oil

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DESCRIPTION: A product for both him and her. Our Arousal oil has a slightly warming and subtle stimulating effect. Containing both vanilla and natural peppermint, along with high concentrations of CBD, this product is an ideal way to add some extra spice to both solo and couple sessions.

As this is an oil-based product it is not to be used with latex condoms.

INGREDIENTS:Organic MCT Oil, Cannabidiol (CBD), Peppermint, Vanilla

A Flame that warms and excites

““Oil, like a warm flame to elevate the senses!””

The gods know that most arousal oils are too hot or irritating to most users, and they gave us a formulation that again is simple and subtle.
Our oil is infused with a high concentration of CBD and with the hints of peppermint we look to subtly warm and arouse without irritation or botanicals that harm or irritate. The result is an oil that is unisex, and warming without being intrusive… enough to warm and arouse to bring you waves of enjoyment and pleasure.

Spray, love, and enjoy

Our arousal oil is a fun way to add some excitement to your solo or
partnered play. It is highly concentrated with CBD to ensure that its topical effects are maximized.

Whether you are having some fun “alone time” or having a great
escape with your partner, we’d welcome you to try some of our
Queen & Pharaoh arousal oil to help you enhance and enjoy the
time you put aside for intimacy. Spray, Love and Enjoy!

This is an oil based arousal oil and lubricant. It is not
recommended for use with latex condoms.

The Gods Ingredients?

“These ingredients you will use!”

It is important to rejuvenate and relax. As the gods so taught us about rebirth and rejuvenation, we too must learn to use our infused oils for all they have to give.
Our Queen & Pharaoh Arousal has a higher concentration of CBD and is mixed with organic natural botanicals to help it’s absorption into the skin without interfering with its effectiveness.
Again the gods gave us a formation that is simple, highly concentrated with CBD, and complimentary botanicals to give you what we consider one of the best infused CBD intimacy oils on the market.

CBD has become much more is well known to many but as a reminder- CBD has been shown to have benefits that may have:

Potential to
reduce pain
Potential Reduce
Potential to
Reduce nausea
Potential for improving
cognitive function


The Endocannabinoid system contains of two receptors, called CB1 and CB2. these receptors are found on cell surfaces and impact various biological processes.


Located in the brain, central nervous system, and many other parts of the body.


Found throughout the body on cells associated with our immune system.

CBD interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors for many effects still being studied.


Receptors target:

Motor activity | Thinking | Motor co-ordination Appetite | Short term memory | Pain perception | Immune cells


Receptors are much broader than CB1 and influence most of the body

Gut | Kidneys | Pancreas | Adipose tissue | Skeletal muscle | Bone | Eye | Tumors | Reproductive system | Immune system | Respiratory tract Skin | CNS | Cardiovascular system | Liver

The Queen & Pharaoh Standard

“What you shall use ?- Quality and Ingredients”

Our arousal oil is an all plant based natural oil with subtle warming that will help increase pleasure, and help you and your friends, lovers and partners reach sexual satisfaction in your journey towards enlightenment. Pump, share, use liberally and enjoy.

  • Strong Concentration: CBD derived from US grown hemp-with 500mg per 60ml bottle
  • Simple formulation-Not full of fillers or unnecessary ingredients…just a simple formula designed with complimentary botanicals.
  • Always third party tested to ensure quality of the highest order

Our Book of spells will help guide our fellow travelers as they explore their senses. Our universal lubricant is always a great addition.

This is an oil based arousal oil and lubricant. It is not recommended for use with latex condoms.


There are a large number of cannabinoid receptors in reproductive organs and sexual tissue. CBD has been seen to increase blood flow to tissues. This can increase sensitivity and can stimulate the body to produce its own natural lubrications.

Suggested Use: Use 4-6 sprays to your hand and massage onto the penis or vagina or sex toy. You may also spread directly on these areas.

Use for arousal and intimacy.

This is an oil based formula and not recommended for latex condoms.
Avoid contact with eyes. If any allergic reactions occur discontinue use
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